Collective Noun Names For The Big 5

We bet that most of you thought that the collective words for a group of animals were the usual ‘herd’, ‘pride’, ‘group’ etc? Well you thought wrong!

Take a look at their proper collective noun words (the names we call them when there is more than a pair). If out on a game drive and you have a knowledgeable game ranger, you are likely to learn all sorts of new and interesting information about the animals you see including the following group names.

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A group of elephants is called a ‘memory’ of elephants. This is in reference to their strong family ties, intelligence, and reputedly long memories.

Zebra are one of the most strikingly beautiful animals in the African bush and it’s not difficult to see why a group of zebra is called a ‘dazzle’ of zebra.

A group of giraffe is called a ‘tower’ of giraffe (any guess why?!) Their heads are often seen sticking high above the trees on the horizon.

The collective noun for a group of rhinos is a ‘crash’. Makes us think of an angry rhino coming storming towards us with their sharp horn!

A group of buffalo is aptly referred to as an ‘obstinacy’ of buffalo. Considering their bulky bodies, stubbornness and tendency to stay in large, protective herds, this is a prime example of a collective noun that takes its inspiration directly from the characteristics of the animal being described.

A group of hippos is fittingly called a ‘bloat’. We wouldn’t want to be called that name, but it does fit them very well seeing as though all they seem to do is laze around!

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