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I am Dees Naidu RJ, A professional DJ & Radio Presenter.

Dees Naidu RJ is a multidimensional Master of Ceremonies that has the ability to perform and engage his audience at a variety of different genres of events.

Dees Naidu RJ is very knowledgeable in the aspects needed in creating high-energy celebrations. Taking his high energy and passion for public speaking into the corporate world, Dees has earned the respect of top executives to host company galas and Black-Tie Affairs.

Outside of hosting exclusive, high-end events, Dees Naidu RJ is able to be a Master of Ceremonies for Weddings, Private Parties, Cultural and Fundraising Events. With his powerful voice and endless supply of enthusiasm, Dees has the ability to capture the attention of any audience he speaks too. Whether it is a group of only a few dozen or a large audience of several thousand, Dees can invigorate and charm his audience.



Dees Naidu RJ truly understands the importance of making events memorable and seamless. He works closely with event organizers to ensure that all the finer details of an event are brought together in a synchronised fashion.

Currently hosting the Night Cafe Radio Show on Lotus FM 8pm-12am weeknights and managing an events company, he is able to offer you a full turn key solution to make your event a success!

Dees started his DJ career in 2004 and have 14 years of extensive wedding & dance floor experience which has resulted in many beautiful wedding & corporate celebrations. With extensive skill of radio presenting having worked at Highveld Stereo, Hot 91.9 FM and currently Lotus FM, Dees possesses an encyclopaedia of music knowledge of various genres, which enables him to master the unique ability of playing the right music at the right time.

My job is to make your feet hurt and I strongly believe I have mastered the art of successfully doing so. I have a great reputation for providing quality services in the wedding & corporate industry

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