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Taste Artisan Preserves  

Makers of small bath jams, marmalades and relishes. Handcrafted locally in Pietermaritzburg, midlands meander.

Our delicious artisan jams are now available as wedding favours for your guests. We can provide you with unlabeled jars, or we can offer you a sticker template that we will print and apply for you. Additional stationary can be added on request, for example ribbon, twine, string or hessian etc.


Variants available:


Olive and Sweet Pepper Jam – A sweet, mild preserve bursting with Mediterranean flavour!

Just Chilli – A sweet chilli pepper preserve. Enjoy with cheese, chicken or a spud!

Chilli Ginger – Stir this mild preserve into cream cheese for an irresistible dip.

Mazavaroo – Our famous Mazavaroo, a gentleman’s favorite!

Peels Honey – On request and outsourced.


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Why not give your guests something that they can remember you by and enjoy?!

Couriered throughout South Africa