Quintin and Michelle


Venue: Domaine Brahms Paarl

Photographer: Sonje Ludwick Photography

Flowers: Elgin Roses Grabouw

Decor: To-Netts paarl and Creative Love Vryheid

Cake: Truda Engelbrecht Somerset-West

Catering: Rix Catering

MakeUp & Hair: Corle Barnard Professional Make-up Artist and Hairstylist

Stationery: Fushia Wedding Stationery

DJ: DJ Beat Boii and Photobooth Inc

The morning of our wedding day had finally arrived. I was calmly drinking a cup of coffee with my bridesmaids watching the view. Its was the most Gorgeous day ever! Beautiful weather. (Although rain was predicted)  Us girls quickly went to our venue to do some final touches and to put down our guests gifts. We had so much fun we forgot about the time. We started our hair and make-up with a side glass of fun,laughter,jokes and Chardonnay.

My DJ phoned me – saying how perfect and rustic our chapel was. But that there was no power to set up! Disaster no 1. Chardonay glass no 2. Crisis averted!

Almost time to get dressed. Photographers arrived and butterflies started up again. Time was ticking to 17:00.

Our bridal car was late so we got together at the hotel bar for a “last single call cocktail” and wasn’t it Perfect. We calmed the nerves and were greeted by all the hotel guests, who complimented us. I felt absolutely amazing!!

On our way to our venue the only thing I kept thinking was ” I hope all my guests think that everything is beautiful.


I was very nervous to start my walk down the aisle, but when I saw my best friend at the end waiting for me, I was star struck by the handsomeness waiting to make a promise. I completely blanked out and only had eyes for my lovely.

We had the perfect ceremony!!

Gorgeous fun photo session, Fun and heavenly reception, amazing food and wines, entertainment.

The time literally flew by!! The old expression “time flies when your having fun” I will never take that for granted again.




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